Hello, Welcome My name is Gregory Warmington and I am a young entrepreneur with lots of different God-given talents and skills. My main hobbies include Gardening, Drawing, and Reading. I personally Love gardening a lot, and if you didn’t know, I also have a blog that is dedicated to my gardening called https://greenyardduty.com/

However, I also love anything that has to do with technology and art. Nevertheless, the main reason you are reading my about page is that you want to know what kind of project I will be doing here..don’t you? 🙂

Well, I personally use to hate reading writing informational posts because I use to sucked doing both especially when it comes down to writing articles on my website.

And Yes! I also create websites and blogs and earn from them while I document all the things I have been through and learned including many successes and failures.

So, what will I be doing here on Gregorywarmington.com well, I will share information and drop some knowledge with like-minded people around the world about SEO, Affiliates, and anything that has to do with earning commissions or revenues online for a website or blog.

Please rest a sure that I am No web Guru nor Am I a professional writer with journalistic skills, I am just a regular guy like everyone else trying to make money from my portfolio websites online and share the journey as I go.

Also, on Gregorywarmington.com I will share with you the skills I have acquired over the years and learn, and not only what I know but also to learn from others as well.

It’s ok to fail and make mistakes, but failure should not be accepted when you have a set goal or mission.

Every day is a learning process for me and I can never claim to know too much of everything. So, If you are interested in topics related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Ad Earning Cryptocurrency, or any that involved making money, then you are at the right place.

To your Success and mine, Cheers!